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S1E15a- A Tale of Two Andrews – Two Federal Politicians / But No Politics! Andrew Hastie (MP) and Andrew Leigh (MP)

May 4, 2019

In this split episode, we interview both Andrew Hastie, MP (Liberal) and Andrew Leigh, MP (Labor).  We communally discuss everything from Shakespeare, regional security, economics and distance running. But no politics under fear of push-up punishments!

With the Australian Federal Election looming, two of our sitting members were kind enough to take a few minutes off the campaign trail to chat with us in this special double episode. 

In Part A. Andrew Hastie is the Member for Canning, Western Australia.  He grew up in Wangaratta and then Sydney before joining the Army and graduating from the Royal Military College as a Cavalry Officer. Andrew then successfully completed Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment selection and served with the unit for a number of years, including deployments to Papua New Guinea, Jordan and multiple tours of Afghanistan.  A member of the Liberal Party, he was elected to the House of Representatives in 2015 and has served there ever since.


Intelligence Summary (INTSUM)- Part A – Andrew Hastie, MP (Liberal)


8:10 – Andrew Hastie as ‘Candidate 10’, SBS Documentary- SAS The Search for Warriors

18:15- Andrew on democracy

20:30- Senator Ben Sasse (US) and how to beat confirmation bias

21:30- Which is more brutal- the military battlefield or the political battlefield?

22:15- Hastie cites Hemingway … on defeat

23:35- A day in the life of Andrew Hastie in Canberra

24:31- Reading P.G. Wodehouse.

26:15- On staying present and focussed and family

27:27- Andrew on combatting the negative image of politicians

31:04- Andrew Roberts, Winston Churchill Biography:

34:15- India’s demand for clean energy: DFAT Report:

37:45- Andrew recommends a piece of literature

38:20- On Prisoners learning Shakespeare:

39:27- Andrew recites Shakespeare’s MacBeth

40:29- Andrew looks out the window in 50 year’s time… what does he see?

41:35- Andrew’s advice for someone wanting to get into politics.

42:10- Andrew on Rudyard Kipling’s, IF


About Andrew Hastie:



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