The Unforgiving60

@RV26 – On Simon Eastaugh, Lee Goddard and ‘Billy’ Billingham

May 13, 2021

Ben and Tim look back on Simon Eastaugh, Lee Goddard and Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham before turning their attention to the withdrawal from Afghanistan- & what has been achieved. Plus, listener feedback! Reflections on Anzac Day 2021 .... and much more.

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Intelligence Summary (INTSUM)

01:20          On Simon Eastaugh – Assistant Coach Fremantle Football Club

06:00          Why Ben needs a co-host …. Because of podcast time travel

08:45          On Rear Admiral Lee Goddard – Former Naval Officer and now at Minderoo Foundation

10:30          The problem with the current Army advertisements – Ben and Tim’s opinion (only)

15:35          On Mark ’Billy’ Billingham- ex 22 SAS and now television show host

22:00          The withdrawal from Afghanistan….  Some reflections

27:45          David Knoff is back from Antarctica! A note from David

29:10          Ben’s talks resilience at the TacMed Summit

31:00          Then more resilience for a pastoral company

33:00          Mark Wales’s book is coming out…… soon to hit the shelves

34:15          Listener feedback… and General Jim Molan and his next battle

38:40          The Unforgiving60 is ranked in the top few percent of 2m+ podcasts…. our thoughts

42:05          ANZAC Day 2021… and beyond!



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