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S2E6- Mitchell Martin – The Next Ed Sheeran! But Better(er)

March 26, 2020

Today it’s Mitchell Martin’s birthday! Literally! He is 23 years old today …. And he is making music like no one else. And by that, we mean half a million downloads on Spotify for a single song!

We first saw Mitchell at a music festival and followed his gigs over the next three days. We watched him carefully (not creepy- just like SAS guys do when in an observation post!). And found that this incredibly talented guy and his band were super humble.

Not very rock star!

But in this interview … we talk about following your bliss. Playing music and inspirations. And we have a good dose of Mitchell’s music in there too …. there's some stories of persistence and determination. 

And we end with a live acoustic set.

Also we do have the Mitchell and Ben ‘duet’ (... ok ok- apparently it’s called a ‘jam’)... that one is to come.  ;-)

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 By: Mitchell Martin …. Available on Spotify


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... the world is running out of these good blokes. So few of us left! 

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