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S3E16 – Christian ‘Boo’ Boucousis – The Fighter Pilot Mindset

September 1, 2021

Since as long as he could remember, Boo wanted to be a fighter pilot.  Even before he’d seen Top Gun!  In this episode, Ben and Tim pick Boo’s brains about his connection to purpose, the difference between ‘High Performance’ and ‘Deep Performance’ and how he and the team at Afterburner have helped countless corporate clients embrace the fighter pilot mindset and improve their performance by adopting the mantra ‘Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief!’

Intelligence Summary (INTSUM)

02:45       What would Tim’s callsign be if he was a fighter pilot?

06:00       Boo’s story, including how he found his dream to be a pilot

08:30       The importance of purpose

11:30       What’s it really like being a fighter pilot? (Hint:  It’s not like Top Gun, but it is achievable!)

17:00       Life in the squadron

21:10       The ‘say/do’ gap

25:15       The importance of debriefing

29:50       On ego

39:20       Boo’s reason for leaving the Air Force - and his post-military career

48:25       The difference between ‘High Performance’ and ‘Deep Performance’

53:20       Boo on his podcast, The Few

57:40       …and Boo’s ‘Power Song’!


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