The Unforgiving60

@RV13- On Jimmy McKeown, Melina Mellino, Chris Huet and our Recommended Reading List

December 27, 2019

Welcome to RV13. We dissect our episodes with the young whippersnapper Jimmy McKeown- Australian Master Distiller of the Year, trail running with Melina Mellino and passion & poetry with Chris Huet.

We also talk Ben’s work of art in the Australian War Memorial.

Listener feedback is in here too. And some wider Season 2 announcements for 2020.

And we finish off with our suggested reading list.  Pick up a book and do some reading!



1:30     Jimmy McKeown. Australian Master Distiller of the Year. Modesty and humilty

3:00     Genesis of the Whippersnapper logo

3:50     Differentiation

7:50     Melina Mellino …. And about being the energy in the room

11:00   Silent Sundays

13:05   Toe shoes, lycra, Lululemon, singlet, visors and covering up

14:40   Chris Huet, precision and passion….. through poetry

17:50   Strength in words

19:00   Is poetry for me?

20:50   Southern Comfort in Woolsheds

23:10   Ben’s challenge to Tim for 2020

23:46   About a challenge and grinding away

25:48   Ben’s Highly Commended Artwork in the Australian War Memorial…. We talk about where it is and how it came about

28:10   What inspired Ben’s painting in the War Memorial

30:02   The Unforgiving60 Playlist! How did it come about?

32:25   Listener feedback and comments     

34:33   Feedback on ‘Piss taking’

35:40   Questions from Zagreb, Croatia. And someone is indeed reading the show notes!

37:20   A note from Wandering Distillery

37:47   Feedback from Kirsty. A request to discuss our favourite books.

38:50   The start of Ben and Tim’s Recommended Reading List……







Music as always by The Externals. Find out more about The Externals on Spotify



The Unforgiving60 Playlist also available for free on Spotify. A collection of power songs:







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