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@RV16- On Mark Wales, Alec Torelli, Mitchell Martin, Dianna Nguyen … & Embracing the Virus (Another Isolation Edition!)

April 23, 2020

In another physical distancing episode of the edition RV, and still waist deep in grenade pins and COVID-19, Ben and Tim reflect on these awesome episodes:

  • From SAS to Tough Luxury with Mark Wales.
  • Lessons learned from high stakes poker from Alec Torelli
  • The 23 year old musical whiz kid, Mitchell Martin
  • (Still) Chasing Keanu Reeves with Dianna Nguyen
  • Embracing the Virus!
  • And whats next on the podcast ?

And hey! It’s another Zoom episode so please excuse the audio … ya super snobs! xx


Intelligence Summary (INTSUM)

02:01         Reflections on Mark Wales

03:20         Giving an Axe as a present? 

04:30         The ‘War and Peace’ Fragrance

05:50         Fragrance being described as ‘creamy metallic’

08:30         Sorry Kikki K!!

08:50         Regionals Athlete- Ben

11:10         Reflections on Alec Torelli

11:30         Alec as a negative beta stock! In demand in COVID-19

13:30         The third person. T-Man does refer to himself in the third person … mostly just to be annoying.

15:10         Onto Mitchell; Martin…. 23-year-old musical superstar (New Single: Be Myself).

16:14         Gusting sickening when you see this sort of talent! (joking!)

16:30         What was Tim doing at age 23?

16:50         Streaming v downloading!? Tim showing his generational ignorance

17:40         Big in Argentina! “The organisation….. on Instagram…. What is that called?”

22:15         A slice of the band Atlas Chasers….. with the song ‘Bridges’. (see the Season 1 Episode with Rod Bridge for some REAL meaning with this song)

24:00         Embrace the Virus

25:15         COVID-19. Leaders moving in dog years.

27:10         Dianna Nguyen is still chasing Keanu Reeves!

29:10         What’s coming up next on the podcast?

30:02         About the charity: Foodbank WA

31:15         About the charity: Soldiers & Sirens

32:05         Tim’s ideas for ANZAC Day……….. watch this space.


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