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@RV18- David Olney, Dr Kate Baecher, Tempus Fugit Double Episode and Life on the Line Special

June 22, 2020

In this episode, Tim and Ben look back on their discussions with David Olney, Dr Kate Baecher and the amazing guests from their special Tempus Fugit double episode, before turning a very critical eye on their own performance in Alex Lloyd’s Life on the Line podcast.

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Intelligence Summary (INTSUM)

01:30   Reflections on Dave Olney

01:40   How we first came to be introduced to Dave Olney – through one of his university students

02:30   Dave Olney on Dave Grossman

05:17   Dave Olney’s podcast Blind Insights – a cracking listen!

05:38   Tim and Ben discuss the potential of joining Dave on an episode of his ‘Blind Drunk Insights’ – potentially the only way they’ll be able to keep up with him intellectually

06:30   Reflections on Kate Baecher

07:00   Ben and Tim’s confessions regarding Dr Kate’s apple cider vinegar (ACV) prescription

07:50   Tim’s groundbreaking medical opinion on breathing

08:50   Ben talks about the main source of stress in his work life

09:20   Dr Kate’s advice on overcoming fear

10:00   Fear, sensory overload and innoculation

11:20   Psychology as part of a front-line emergency health care effort

12:24   Rock climbing: overcoming fear and flow states

14:35   Reflections on Tim Reynolds

15:22   The importance of family – even when you’re not facing a terminal prognosis

16:40   Tim Reynolds’ involvement in art as therapy

17:30   Link to the Unforgiving60 Instagram page, which features Tim Reynolds’ amazing portrait of Cameron Baird VC

18:37   Reflections on CPL Matt Williams OAM

19:20   Why Willy stood us up for the podcast

21:40   Ben and Tim on Ben and Tim on Life on the Line

23:30   Tim on his famous (potentially stolen) quote ‘Would you hire you?’

24:25   Ben and Time on ego (this is what Skyhooks think on the topic)

25:30   Imposter syndrome

27:30   Ben: “Different interactions with different people are going to have different results”.  Profound….

28:30   Child soldiers – a really confronting concept

29:30   Ben and Tim debate how much Tim is worth – in terms of bounty and/or ransom

32:30   Update on Heather Taylor

34:00   ‘AIS’ actually stands for Automatic Identification System

36:00   Tim (non-Water Operator) talks a big game about sea-sickness.  Ben (Water Operator) on his chronic sea-sickness.

37:30   What’s coming up next on the Unforgiving60?

37:45   Ben’s request for an Externals song as an outro – US Radio


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The Externals … Available on Spotify (plus a bit of Ben’s guitar work, recorded in the bathroom of one of Saddam’s palaces in Tikrit, Iraq!)


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