The Unforgiving60

@RV4- Questions from Listeners, Clients and from Ben…. and a Quick Quiz

April 10, 2019

In this RV.....


- 00:32 . More on L'esprit de l'escalier 

- 01:50 . Q1- When witnessing behaviour that is not constructive or at worse destructive....

- 06:22. Q2- How would you 'Justify your Existence' (if your life depended on it)?

- 07:30. Q3- Why are ytiou spending time on this podcast?

- 09:10. Q4- 'How can our lives get better'

- 11:51. Planning future episodes. The principles of war and unarmed combat and their applicability into business .....

- 12:30. Rob Redenbach.

- 14:33. Quick Quiz. Quotes (Who said this......?)

- 17:05. Music from The Externals, 'Edge of the World'


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