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@RV5- ANZAC Day, Life on the Line Interview, Sabine Bird, Simon Bailey and Leanne Barron and Questions from Listeners

April 29, 2019

Reflections on the ANZAC Day Dawn Service at the SAS Regiment. Reflections on the interview of Ben and Tim on the Life on the Line Podcast. Reflections on the episodes with Sabine Bird, Simon Bailey and Leanne Barron.... and Questions from Listeners.



- 1:40. On ANZAC Day at the SAS Dawn Service.

- 09:30. Reflections on Ben and Tim's interview on Life on the Line Podcast

- 13:23. Reflections on Sabine Bird.... world record endurance cyclist.

- 16:28. Reflections on Simon Bailey.... ordering your life.

- 19:15. Reflections on Leanne Barron ... when home is a battlefield. Combatting domestic violence.

- 24:40. Questions from Listeners.

  • The place of 'wellbeing' in a mission statement?
  • What to do when a resident fitness professional isn't given direction/ guidance inside an organisation?


-34:40. End Music- 'Love Is' by The Externals




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