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@RV6- On Two Andrews and SAS Band The Externals. Questions from Listeners

May 16, 2019

Welcome to RV6!

In this RV we reflect on the Tale of Two Andrews.... our interview with two federal politicians but NOT talking politics.

Then, we discuss the hidden aspects of the interview with original SAS band, The Externals. It is clearly more than beer and hard rock. What did they do when faced with a horrendous review from a music critic? How important were they to the SAS culture?

Then a listener's analogy of learning to drive v learning to lead. Do you like it? Do you agree?

How about a question on grand strategy?..... Do we/ would we ever question the government's decision to deploy the SAS. Are they always right?

Why doesn't the business world use the word 'honour'?

And lastly, that the SAS motto 'Who Dares Wins' seems reckless!




00:43- Reflections on The Tale of Two Andrews... two politicians, no politics 

04:14- Reflections on The Externals.... Who Sings Wins.

09:10- Influence of The Externals music on Ben and Tim.

11:30- Leadership is like driving (an analogy)

14:25- What is the leadership simulator ?

16:09- On 360 degrees of leadership learning

18:16-  A question on grand strategy ... do we/ should we question government decisions?

20:30- The Charge of the Light Brigade: 

20:50- Dark Victory, Wilkinson and Marr: 

22:05- Honour and Mottos .... Honour v Integrity.... why doesn't the business world use the word 'honour'.

25:55- The SAS motto 'Who Dares Wins' seems reckless.

32:00 - Our short story about The Externals song, 'I Don't Believe It'

From 33:34- Song...  'I Don't Believe It' by The Externals








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