The Unforgiving60

S1E10- Nick Caldwell- Building Elite Performance- From the Weight Room to the Board Room

March 28, 2019

Recorded in the Mill Gym, this week we meet Nick Caldwell. Nick is a former Special Air Service (SAS) soldier who, at the peak of his military career, was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Nick explains about how chronic fatigue became his 'normal', and how for years he suffered through it; including on high tempo SAS operations. Nick talks about the most challenging (and unselfish) decision he ever made - to leave the SAS.  From this lowest ebb, Nick was able to establish the Mill Gym, which he has since built into a location where normal people can get started on the road to elite performance, the first step of which is to get out of bed and get your feet on the floor!  

Finally, Nick, Ben and Tim compare an SAS Patrol against the High Performance Team model (by Pat MacMillan) .... and deliver their verdict on whether the SAS fundamental force element is, indeed, a high performance team.


Intelligence Summary 

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