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S1E12- Sabine Bird- World Champion Endurance Cyclist - It Takes More Than Just a Bike

April 11, 2019

Sabine Bird is an endurance cyclist who is the 24 hour Road Race World Champion .... breaking the world record at the same time for the most distance covered in the 24 hour race period. She is now preparing for the Race Across America (RAAM), an ultra endurance cycling event of some 5,000km across the USA. 

How would you deal with zero sleep? How long can you stay in the saddle for? How about 22 hours a day?

Sabine talks fitness v toughness and how she segregates and deals with (& even embraces!) pain. 

She talks training regimes, race nutrition and keeping 'busy' on the bike and in her head. Sabine also talks about her other passion-  her research on Alzheimers.

And modestly, Sabine says all she does is pedal a bike! What an understatement!

(Music by The Externals, 'Never be the Same')


Intelligence Summary (INTSUM):

00:00 - Introductory Reflections on Episode 11, Jason Semple, The Strength of the Thin Blue Line.

Endure by Alex Hutchinson

12:35 – Discussion on Fitness versus Toughness

13:45 - Breaking the 24h Road Race record

18:45-  On nutrition

20:00- About the Race Across America (RAAM)... preparation, training and focus

27:30 – Sabine discusses her Alzheimer’s research

29:50 – Sabine talks about building resilience...

31:45 – Discussion about failure ... What is the role of failure.

38:30- Music by The Externals, 'Never be the Same'



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