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S1E13 - Simon Bailey- Ordering Your House, Communications and Life!

April 18, 2019

Simon Bailey is all about order! He is a former journalist and TV producer and is now a PR and crisis communications expert. But he's also known for being the 'Movie Guru' and the 'Man About the House' on prime time radio.

In this wide and varied U60 episode we talk with Simon about journalism and its stressors, the evolution of reporting and the changing landscapes. We talk public relations done well .... and done poorly.

We talk about ordering your house.... including that abundance of t-shirts and the chaos of your underwear drawer.

And how does not having a routine work for Simon?!?!

This episode will get your thoughts, messages, communications.... and your undies in order !!


Intelligence Summary 

- From 05:15. Being a journalist

- 06:15. Radio  v television ... stupid questions and smart answers

- 07:50. Being the Movie Guru ... and our favourite movies of all times!

- 10:15. The evolution of journalism. Changing landscapes. Social media and perspective & context. Competing for immediacy.

- 14:45. Getting organised and simplification.

- 18:45. Advice for the completely ineffective husband in the house!

- 20:30. What skill we can use to impress our partners.

- 22:40 Tim's Mum's wise advice.

- 23:00. The strategy for t-shirts and the dreaded socks & underwear drawer.

- 24:00. Corporate crises.

- 27:20. Dreamworld's PR crisis.

- 28:40. PR done well.

- 29:47. Owning a public relations nightmare!

- 32:30. Reputation= Behaviour + Communications.

- 35:10. Errors of judgement versus errors of character.

- 39:25. Ben on 'balconies and dance floors'.

- 42:59. What writes your report on crisis communications.

- 46:20. Simon Bailey has no routine!?!?

-49:00. On Happiness.

- 51:05. What Simon draws inspiration from.

- 53:30. Rudyard Kiplings opinion (and reflections).


About Simon Bailey & Counsel Communications 


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