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S1E14- Leanne Barron- When Home is a Battlefield- Combatting Domestic Violence

April 25, 2019

Every two minutes, Australian police respond to a case of domestic violence; a nationwide problem costing the economy an estimated $22bn each year. Many of us would find these figures shocking – partly because domestic violence is a problem that is not often spoken about. 

Our guest this week not only knows about the magnitude of this problem but has dedicated her life to doing something about it.  Leanne Barron is the CEO of Starick, a charity supporting women and children who are escaping domestic and family violence.  Leanne shares her perspectives on the amazing work that her team are doing, the cultural and inter-generational factors within domestic violence, how to care for the carers and the importance of ukulele song-writing as a creative outlet!


Intelligence Summary (INTSUM)


1:45 – Leanne’s background and Starick

7:15 – The history of Henrietta Starick, a midwife and pioneer in domestic violence support in the interwar years

10:35 – A little about the Starick workforce

14:15 – The impact of domestic violence on children

15:22 – The importance of positive male role models, including mentoring programs

17:10 – Who cares for the carers?

23:29 – Reference to 2015 Australian of the Year, Rosie Batty, likening domestic violence to terrorism -

25:00 – On victimhood, survivalism and resilience       

26:50 – Financial abuse       

27:45 – The importance of mindfulness

30:44 – The role of police

34:00 – Potential early warning signs of domestic violence

35:10 – Success stories from DV survivors

37:45 – Leanne’s definition of 'happiness'

40:30 – The importance of a creative outlet

42:45 – The future for Starick

45:00 – What should you do if you or someone you know is suffering from domestic violence? (See useful numbers below)

46:20 – What should you do if you are using domestic violence? (See useful numbers below)

47:00 – How to help Starick



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