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S1E19- Motorsports IS for Girls! Jessica Dane- Red Bull Holden Racing Team & Triple Eight Race Engineering

June 7, 2019

Jessica Danes is a force for women in Motor Sports. A granddaughter of one of the founding members of the British SAS and daughter of Roland Dane, Jess is forging her own career and ignoring all doubters and critics.

Her first foray into motorsports was working in the Triple Eight Race Engineering Team gear box shop as a sub-assembly mechanic! She was acutely aware that she was building the brakes that would need to make a V8 supercar stop on a dime. Enjoying being out of her comfort zone, Jess then moved into a marketing, media and PR role in the Red Bull Holden Racing Team/ Triple 8 Race Engineering. She talks how she managed negativity on social media.

Jess talks about the business of motorsports and her commercial role. The franchise, the team and its leadership. She gives fascinating insights into the role of drivers and other technical experts in the ‘team’s leadership’.

Jess talks about gender disparity - and why it exists in motor sports - and more broadly - and indeed what she says makes great practical sense. Parents and teachers take note!

Not being content with her current commercial role in Triple Eight she is also the Chairperson of the Australian Women in Motor Sport Commission, which has been designed to provide a voice for women in motorsport. And not being content with all that- Jess is also studying law!

An amazing human being- Jess is breaking all stereotypes and ignoring everything except high performance – Jess’s insights in this episode are inspiring. She coins a phrase when asked about her myriad of challenges- ‘I don’t think there was ever anything I thought I couldn’t do’.

 And we will simply leave you with that!



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