The Unforgiving60

S1E24- Susan Saleeba- All Give, No Take: Inspiring Hope for Kenyan Children

August 8, 2019

In this episode we head into the depths of a Kenyan slum with Susan Saleeba. Susan is one of the most selfless people we have come across. She gave up her lifestyle to start Nakuru Hope's Orphanage in the slums of Kaptembwa, Nakuru, Kenya. She now has integrated an orphanage, school and farm to bring education, hope and a life to hundreds of kids…. who previously were literally living on piles of rubbish.

She left behind her idyllic lifestyle in Australia to pursue her purpose - or what our previous guest Greg Wallace has called – ‘following your bliss’.

This is an amazing story. Of joy and frustration and sadness. Of loss but also gain.

Life I feel tends to move quickly the older I get, or is it that I endeavour to pack so much in, as there is still so much to do?- Susan

And boys- Susan is single!!!!

Get involved in this great cause. Make a difference.


Music as always by....  The Externals.