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S2E2- Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Gently Across the Pacific! - Heather Taylor

February 28, 2020

Heather Taylor, our guest this week, is going a whole lot further – 4000km further to be precise! And in a rowboat! Heather is about to row from California to Hawaii and join only a handful of other humans who have made this incredible trek solo.  On the way, she will need to be prepared to face extremes of weather, the ever-present threat of bigger ships and perhaps even a dolphin stampede! 

Heather speaks to Tim and Ben about her boat, her kit, her preparation and how she finds inspiration and motivation to keep going through the countless hours alone, including through the power of 120 hours of Harry Potter audiobooks! And Season 1 of the Unforgiving60 podcast of course ;-)


Intelligence Summary (INTSUM)

03:23     Heather’s first experience with rowing in high school in Canada

06:26     Making the decision to go solo

07:40     Risk assessing a row across the Pacific Oceans!

08:40     Tim’s assessment of the likelihood of an incident during the row – ‘Extreme’!

10:00     Some statistics on the row Heather is about to attempt

11:10     A two-week sprint out of California

12:45     Current records for the row

13:50     Heather’s daily routine during the row

15:40     What do you do for 100-odd days in the middle of the ocean?

16:00     Tim and Ben offer some ideas of audiobooks not to take on the trip

16:30     Heather describes her boat, facilities, rations and equipment

20:20     First aid kit and procedures

21:30     Navigation – primary and old-school backup!

22:00     Emergency procedures – and avoiding big ships

24:50     Anticipated wildlife encounters – watch out for the dolphin stampede!

25:30     Inside Heather’s head – the mental side of the row

27:30     Motivational techniques for going ‘a little further’ – and the importance of being kind to yourself

29:45     The power of faith for Heather

30:40     Funding the voyage

33:30     Heather’s literary inspirations

34:00     Heather’s accidentally dark high school poetry

35:00     Quick questions and quick answers (full disclosure – neither the questions or answers are quick!)

36:10     Heather’s fantastic distinction between happiness, joy and contentment

38:50     How to find out more about – and support! – Heather’s row

39:30     Heather’s fundraising partners



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