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S2E5- Alec Torelli: Life Lessons Learned from High Stakes Poker

March 19, 2020

Ever thought that poker was easy, glamorous and all about the money. Well this one is for you!

“This is business …. and this is investing”- Alec

Alec Torelli is a professional high stakes poker player, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker from California. Alec began playing poker in 2004 when he won $12!

It WAS US Dollars though!

At 21, Alec moved to Las Vegas. During his first World Series of Poker (WSOP), he finished 2nd. He then won back-to-back events at the Bellagio. The next summer, he placed 6th in the commemorative 40-year anniversary WSOP event, and then 4th in the World Poker Tour at the Bellagio.

Alec is the founder of 'Conscious Poker', a popular poker training platform. Alec has been spending the last 14 years making decisions for hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single hand. Now we dissect the anatomy of decision making to help others hone the way they make choices.

We talk: the role of luck in life, evaluating risk, maintaining a positive mindset, strengthening mental fortitude, handling adversity and setbacks, managing your bankroll and cultivating self-awareness.

And Alec's power song!? The Gambler perhaps?


 Intelligence Summary (INTSUM)

0:00           Cha-ching!

00:30         How it all started

06:30         7 figures up and 7 figures down!

08:20         US rules mean Alec can’t play anywhere but he can in Australia!

10:30         Playing 4 … even 6 .. games at a time!

12:50         ‘Grinding a lot of poker’

15:40         ‘What will you do when you leave school’ – love Dad

16:15         Playing poker recreationally?

18:20         Monikers

21:50         The psychology of poker

24:30         Emotions…. And overcoming them

27:00         Rich amateurs v professionals

30:00         How do you overcome emotion/ and reset!

32:20         How to give advice to yourself

35:15         How to read someone eating broccoli

36:00         ‘Tells’….. and girls in coffee shops!

39:05         Wearing hats, sunglasses and headphones

42:45         Kipling wants to lose everything in one pitch and toss… and Alec’s thoughts!

44:10         Kipling’s point according to Alec.

46:00         Quick Questions/ Quick Answers….

53:40         Alec plays poker with Dan Bilzerian ... and the after party!

56:30         Kenny Rogers and Poker

57:00         Good v great poker players?





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