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Special Episode- Embrace the Virus! Leading Through COVID-19.

March 30, 2020

The COVID-19 Special Edition for Leaders. Ben and Tim reflect on the emerging global pandemic and discuss how leadership and decision-making frameworks can be applied to this situation to make some sense of the craziness going on around us. Sharing observations from contemporary business responses to the COVID-19 impacts, they take listeners through the five key lessons outline in their recent ‘Embrace the Virus’ thought leadership paper.



1:49           A great overview on the Cynefin framework from Dave Snowden and Mary Boone can be found here

4:30           ‘Probe-Sense-Respond’ methodology for complex environments, and its application to the COVID-19 situation

5:30           Chaotic environments – the pandemic is definitely showing elements of chaos

6:10           Observed limitations of many business continuity plans in the COVID-19 environment

8:20           The requirement for both immediate and longer-term planning

10:15         ‘Embrace the Virus’ can be read in full here

11:00         Leadership presence during the pandemic

11:15         Case study in leadership presence during crisis – Toll vs Norsk Hydro

16:20         Discussion on the key leadership elements we believe are crucial for success during the pandemic

17:35         The importance of record- and logkeeping

18:45         Strong and decisive – BUT not autocratic and nasty!

19:30         Empathy – for our staff….

20:15         ….and ourselves!

20:50         Balconies and dancefloors – the exhausting, but necessary, requirement for leaders to balance their time between the two

23:10         Emotional regulation, vulnerability, transparency and authenticity

25:00         The importance of communication – in, out, up and down!

25:45         Message transmitted does not necessarily mean message received

26:30         Mission Command – centralise your intent, decentralise your execution

28:15         No crisis without opportunity!         


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