The Unforgiving60

Special Episode- On ‘Mateship’. Ben and Tim are interviewed by Maxine Brown from the RSL

November 5, 2019

Ben said that they should never talk about this again. Plus this was never supposed to be a podcast.


More unauthorised audio!

This starts as a interview on 'Mateship' by Maxine Brown from the Returned and Services League (RSL).... but then it takes some unexpected turns.

Ben and Tim talk:

  • 'Mateship'
  • Them Meeting
  • Starting a business
  • Risk taking
  • Family
  • That Napkin!
  • The importance of silly hats
  • Having difficult questions early
  • When did you know 'he' was a mate?
  • ... And a very difficult question from Maxine: 'Can you describe each other in one sentence?'


PS: No one should talk about this.... ever!


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